Senior Harmony Executives visit PNG and meet with PM Marape

Senior Harmony Executives from the company’s South African offices visited PNG recently. Harmony has several significant interests in Papua New Guinea, and the executives toured their assets and met with Prime Minister Marape. The company stressed their continued commitment to growing and investing in PNG. Harmony’s Boipelo Lekubo, Financial Director, and Marian van der Walt, Senior Group Executive: Enterprise Risk and Investor Relations, talked about the company’s long-term interests in

KMHL managing director explains the new Porgera company

The managing director of Kumul Mineral Holdings Ltd (KMHL), Dr John Kuwimb, recently discussed the new Porgera company, which will be incorporated after Mineral Resources Enga (MRE) signs the shareholders’ agreement. “The company will have eight directors – four from Barrick Niugini Ltd and four from PNG,” Dr Kuwimb explained. “The next agreement is the Mining Development Contract, after which we can have the development forum. The operatorship agreement is

Ok Tedi’s shift to high-grade ore will take a year

According to Ok Tedi Mining Ltd (OTLM) managing director and chief executive officer, Musje Werror, and the board chairman, Roger Higgins, the company’s shift from lower grade to higher grade ore resources will be completed within the next 12 months. They said that they had hoped OTML would have completed the transition by the end of 2022, but the pandemic’s impact on the movement in the mine has resulted in

Resource Sector’s Preferred Camp Provider

Prefabricated modular building supplier, Ark Pacific, continues to increase its market share in the provision of camps across PNG’s resource sector. With a low freight footprint (up to 75 percent less) and proven commitment to quality and after sales service, Ark’s fit-for-purpose buildings are perfect for camps and a multitude of other building types required by mining and oil and gas operations.  Introduced to PNG during the LNG construction phase

Gold mine must open soon, says Porgera Chamber of Commerce

According to the Porgera Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the multi-billion-kina Porgera gold mine needs to open soon. The head of the Chamber, Nickson Pakea, said the mine, which is in Enga, must reopen to promote economic activity and reduce criminality in the region. Pakea said, “The law and order issues in the district is partially due to the shutdown of the mine and those with access to guns taking

Earnings from alluvial gold mining exports rose in 2021

Jerry Garry, the managing director of the Mineral Resources Authority, recently stated that alluvial gold mining export revenues rose from K300 million to K640 million last year. Mr Garry made the announcement at a farewell event for Mining Minister Johnson Tuke. “In 2019, the highest total mineral export revenue was K16.4bn from the mining sector from K11.2bn previously,” Mr Garry said. “The mining sector is really compatible with LNG, who

MRA launches a new system that can access live data

The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) has launched the OSIsoft PI system that allows access to data collected in real-time by mining sector companies. Operators in the mineral sector can now report the volumes of resources they extract and export. These amounts can then be monitored by the MRA. The managing director of the MRA, Jerry Garry, said, “Under the Mining (Amendment) Act (2020), it requires mining companies to provide information

MRA Water Project in Walium Station in the Usino-Bundi District of Madang Province

Residents of Walium Station (in the Usino-Bundi District of Madang) and the surrounding local communities of approximately 5000 people, will soon receive a permanent and better-established water supply after 40 years. The water supply project is one of major benefits from the National Government PIP Commitments to be delivered under the Ramu Nickel Mining Project Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) through its geoscience technical arm, the

3100 workers hired for Porgera Mine reopening

With the successful signing of the stakeholder agreements, the Porgera Mine has been given the go-ahead to reopen. Mark Bristow, the president and chief executive officer of Barrick Niugini Ltd (BNL), said that the cost of reopening and restarting the mine is around US$300 million (K1.05 billion). Dairi Vele, the chairman of the State negotiation team, said that this would require around 3100 people, most of the Papua New Guineans,