Government funds completion of multiple highways

Prime Minister James Marape has said that his government has provided funds to complete multiple highways throughout the country. The roadwork payments are part of the government’s ‘Connect PNG Programme’, which has seen K2.4 billion in expenditure over the last three years, with K1.4 billion spent this year alone. The funds have gone to multiple projects. For example, K400 million was used to complete the Yalu Bridge-Nadzab section of the

Institute of National Affairs says all resource projects need assessment

Paul Barker, the executive director of the Institute of National Affairs (INA), has said that all resource projects need to be examined and assessed. This assessment applies to both extractives and significant renewable energy projects like hydropower. The INA director said this was crucial as projects must provide a net benefit to the nation. Resources should create jobs and increase revenues and economic benefits, but this needs to be balanced

Government to focus more on rural communities

Prime Minister Marape recently visited Bunsil Station on central Urumboi island in Morobe. While there, he stated that the remote regions of Papua New Guinea, such as Morobe’s Siassi islands, were no longer being neglected. Marape launched several impact projects for the Tewai-Siassi District Development Authority (DDA). He also provided K5 million to create a community facility at Bunsil for young people, women, Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE), and small

PM Marape says PNG shocked at passing of Deputy PM Basil

Papua New Guinea is shocked and saddened at the tragic passing of Deputy Prime Minister, Transport Minister and Bulolo MP Hon. Sam Basil after a road accident along the Bulolo Highway on Wednesday night. We pray for God’s Hand on the country at this sad time. VIDEO: PM Marape’s press conference on the passing of DPM Basil. Police Commissioner David Manning and United Labour Party Deputy Leader Hon. Lekwa Gure

Toroama stresses the importance of economic development plans

In parliament recently, the President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Ishmael Toroama, stressed the importance of hastening the region’s internal economic development plans. “As Bougainville continues to make great headway in its political development, we must also ensure that our socio-economic development is on par with our independence ready mission,” Toroama said. “We already have several high impact projects that this government is initiating, but we are yet to

PNGX joins United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative

The Papua New Guinea Stock Exchange, PNGX Markets, has become a member of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) initiative. The SSE initiative is UN Partnership Programme committed to promoting sustainable development around the world. By joining, PNG will be the newest partner in a network of 114 international stock exchanges. The SSE initiative aims to provide a platform for exchanges to explore and promote improved environmental, social, and corporate

According to PM Marape, PNG is showing positive growth

Prime Minister James Marape has stated that despite there being no new resource projects coming online, Papua New Guinea has experienced growth. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has said PNG’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will rise by 3.4% in 2022 and 4.6% in 2023. Marape said the government was handling a debt to GDP ratio of K51billion. However, he added that this figure included K39 billion in obligations left over

Government urged to intervene and deal with rising PMV fares

Powes Parkop, the National Capital District Governor, has urged the PNG government to intervene and deal with the surging costs of public motor vehicle (PMV) fares. The governor noted the effect price rises would have on poorer people. He said that he had brought up the topic of petrol prices in parliament because he had foreseen the rise. He said the government should be looking at ways to reduce fuel

All Government transactions must be open to public scrutiny

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says he will ensure that the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) Commission-of-Inquiry (COI) report is tabled in Parliament and that criminal actions, if necessary, will be taken against those responsible for the controversial UBS loan which has cost Papua New Guinea over US$300 million (K1 billion). The UBS COI was established by PM Marape in 2019 to probe into the A$1.2 billion (K3.12 billion) loan

The Japanese Government has funded K19.2 million supporting PNG rice farming

Nobuyuki Watanabe, the Japanese Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, has said that since 2003, the Japanese Government has spent K19.2 million supporting rice farming in Madang and East Sepik. Mr Watanabe said, “K11.2million was funded in the first phase of the promotion of smallholder rice production project from December 2003 to November 2008. Another extension of K8 million was later funded in the second phase of the project from December