Inflation may hit seven per cent and persist into next year

According to Robert Maxwell, the chief executive officer of International Container Services Inc South Pacific, Papua New Guinea is forecast to reach 6-7% inflation this year. He said that several consulting and banking entities agreed, and the cost of living would continue to rise this year. This would mean higher costs of living for PNG citizens. Chris Anders, president of the Goroka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has also warned

Government funds completion of multiple highways

Prime Minister James Marape has said that his government has provided funds to complete multiple highways throughout the country. The roadwork payments are part of the government’s ‘Connect PNG Programme’, which has seen K2.4 billion in expenditure over the last three years, with K1.4 billion spent this year alone. The funds have gone to multiple projects. For example, K400 million was used to complete the Yalu Bridge-Nadzab section of the

Government to focus more on rural communities

Prime Minister Marape recently visited Bunsil Station on central Urumboi island in Morobe. While there, he stated that the remote regions of Papua New Guinea, such as Morobe’s Siassi islands, were no longer being neglected. Marape launched several impact projects for the Tewai-Siassi District Development Authority (DDA). He also provided K5 million to create a community facility at Bunsil for young people, women, Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE), and small

Marape says the government is boosting infrastructure spending across PNG

Prime Minister James Marape has said his government has raised vital infrastructure expenditure across Papua New Guinea. He made his comments while launching the Manus Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and opening the K101.9 million Momote International Airport. Marape said that the boost in spending would benefit all regions of the country. He added that other developments included K10 million being set aside to construct headquarters for the SEZ; the National

Telco tower sharing is still under discussion

Discussions between Telikom PNG, Vodafone, and Digicel on the subject of sharing mobile towers are still ongoing. The chairman of Vodafone PNG, Kalpana Lal, said the company had initiated talks about the possibility of leasing towers and sharing with Telikom/BeMobile and Digicel, but no agreement had been reached. Consequently, Vodafone had built its own towers. “However, we remain open to further discussion if the incumbents in the market are amenable

Kumul hosts ground-breaking ceremony for fabrication facility and academy

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited recently held a ground-breaking ceremony outside Port Moresby, near the LNG plant at Caution Bay. The event was for a new Steel, Mechanical, and Piping (SMP) module fabrication facility and also for a construction training academy. Wapu Sonk, the managing director of Kumul Petroleum, said his company was establishing a world-class SMP Module fabrication facility as part of preparations for the development of LNG and mining

MRA Water Project in Walium Station in the Usino-Bundi District of Madang Province

Residents of Walium Station (in the Usino-Bundi District of Madang) and the surrounding local communities of approximately 5000 people, will soon receive a permanent and better-established water supply after 40 years. The water supply project is one of major benefits from the National Government PIP Commitments to be delivered under the Ramu Nickel Mining Project Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) through its geoscience technical arm, the

Government urged to intervene and deal with rising PMV fares

Powes Parkop, the National Capital District Governor, has urged the PNG government to intervene and deal with the surging costs of public motor vehicle (PMV) fares. The governor noted the effect price rises would have on poorer people. He said that he had brought up the topic of petrol prices in parliament because he had foreseen the rise. He said the government should be looking at ways to reduce fuel

PNG government launches K350 million package to help households

The Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckley, has announced the launch of a K350 million package to help households deal with the rising cost of living. He said the package was part of a “program of responsible budget repair”. Prices have been rising due to a number of factors, such as the Russia and Ukraine war. According to Ling-Stuckley, the PNG government’s plan is to target Goods and Services Tax (GST) cutbacks on

Rural electrification project successfully completed

Over 56,000 people in Rigo, particularly Hula communities in Central Province, now have power thanks to the rural electrification grid initiative. According to Rigo MP Lekwe Gure, the project cost K20 million ($9 million NZ dollars) and has now been completed thanks to PNG Power Limited (PPL) and the New Zealand Government. Mr Gure said that the project has now been finished, and the K20 million has allowed 23% of