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Resource Sector’s Preferred Camp Provider

Prefabricated modular building supplier, Ark Pacific, continues to increase its market share in the provision of camps across PNG’s resource sector. With a low freight footprint (up to 75 percent less) and proven commitment to quality and after sales service, Ark’s fit-for-purpose buildings are perfect for camps and a multitude of other building types required by mining and oil and gas operations.  Introduced to PNG during the LNG construction phase

PNG Women Entrepreneurs Connect sign MOU to support the DEFINE Initiative

Papua New Guinea Women Entrepreneurs Connect (PNGWEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with proponents of the DEFINE initiative – which includes PNGX Markets, Pacific Capital Markets Development, Emerging Venture Management (Unkapt), and the PNG Digital ICT Cluster. PNGWEC has over 5000 members and was established to motivate and empower women in business. The MOU outlines how it can cooperate in delivering several DEFINE objectives. These include improving technical

Telco tower sharing is still under discussion

Discussions between Telikom PNG, Vodafone, and Digicel on the subject of sharing mobile towers are still ongoing. The chairman of Vodafone PNG, Kalpana Lal, said the company had initiated talks about the possibility of leasing towers and sharing with Telikom/BeMobile and Digicel, but no agreement had been reached. Consequently, Vodafone had built its own towers. “However, we remain open to further discussion if the incumbents in the market are amenable

Remote In Water Surveys for PNG

Melanesian marine services company, Pacific Towing (PacTow), has conducted In Water Surveys (IWS) in Papua New Guinea for more than 10 years. Certified by multiple international survey companies for the supply of IWS of ships and mobile offshore units in the oil and gas sector, PacTow has recently introduced a ‘live video feed’ component to their IWS service.  The majority of IWS’s performed by PacTow’s commercial dive team (also Melanesia’s

Levy increase on green bean coffee is reasonable, says Kapka

Jerry Kapka, the board chairman of the Coffee Industry Corporation Ltd (CICL), has stated that the increased levy on green bean coffee exports is reasonable. The levy has risen from 10t to 20t per kilogramme of coffee. Mr Kapka said, “The increase is not same as 10t administrative levy. With the current scenario facing the coffee industry, the board has seen the need to have a reserved funding source assigned

Kina Bank delivers a net profit of K96.2 million

Kina Bank’s CEO Greg Pawson has announced an after-tax net profit of K96.2 million. Mr Pawson made the announcement with the bank’s Chief Financial Officer Chetan Chopra in Port Moresby recently. Mr Pawson said, “Our underlying net profit after tax was up 27 per cent on the prior year. We are excited about becoming the second largest bank in PNG by footings. Our combined footings broke through K5 billion at

Steamships Trading Company reports strong performance for 2021

Steamships Trading Company Ltd recently released a statement that reported strong performance and increased profits for 2021. The company, based in Port Moresby, said, “On the back of a strong performance in the hospitality division and a continued recovery in the shipping division, revenue increased 11 per cent to K564 million on a continuing basis, and the underlying profit attributable to shareholders rose 14.8 per cent to K90.6 million. The

TWM PNG Limited Granted The Highest Level Of Environment Permit That Can Be Issued Under The PNG Environment ACT 2000

TWM Group, a local SME business in the waste and environmental services sector operating in PNG, was recently presented with a Level 3 Environment Permit (EPL-485) by the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA). This is the first of its kind to be issued to a Waste Management company in PNG and of this scale. L3 environment permits are applied where the greatest level of environment and social protection are

Lack of insurance coverage for Bougainville businesses unfair, says ABG President

Papua New Guinean insurance companies contain clauses that expressly state there is no coverage for businesses operating in Bougainville, and this is causing problems for enterprises in the region. The policies are the aftermath of the ten-year civil war (1988 to 1998), where an unfavourable business climate was established. However, even after the Bougainville Peace Agreement was signed in 2001, the policies have remained in place. The lack of coverage

Internal Revenue Commission inaugurates 2022 annual work plan

The Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) has inaugurated its 2022 annual work plan with the theme “Building the basis of a robust, modern, and efficient tax administration by 2025”. The inauguration took place at the Revenue Haus in Port Moresby. Sam Koim, the IRC Commissioner General, stated that 2021 had been a challenging year, but the IRC’s goals remain unchanged. He said the IRC had dedicated the last few years toward