The Japanese government has provided a grant worth K9.2 million for East New Britain’s Tokua Airport. The aid prompted the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Soroi Eoe, to express his appreciation and praise for the Japanese Ambassador, Nobuyuki Watanabe.

Watanabe said the grant would be used on heavy equipment for the National Airports Corporation (NAC) in Tokua. The money would also go to the East New Britain Department of Works to repair roads near the airport.

The equipment will include a tractor, ride-on and push lawn mowers, brush cutters, and other maintenance items.

According to Minister Eoe, this is part of the larger Vision 2050 and Medium-Term Development Plan 3. The government plans to turn East New Britain into a tourist centre while promoting growth in the agricultural and fisheries sectors. The aim is to provide new income sources and diversify the economy.

“This equipment will contribute towards the maintenance and safe operations of the Tokua airport, which is a critical infrastructure forming part of this transformation,” Eoe said.

The Japanese government has also offered a K15.6 million grant to develop the Rouna 3 hydropower facility, which provides energy for Port Moresby.

Image credit National Airports Corporation