The new Civil Aviation Minister, Walter Schnaubelt, has said he’s committed to improving Papua New Guinea’s aviation industry as it is a critical area for the government.

The minister is seeking information on the problems and difficulties faced by those in the aviation sector to help them overcome any issues they may face. One such problem is that posed by Covid-19, which the minister has noted makes improvements particularly difficult.

Mr Schnaubelt said, “I understand the responsibility before me, and I know there is a lot of challenges before us, and I think it is important that we all in the industry as key stakeholders stay focused and work together effectively, diligently and proactively to try to achieve some of the milestones that are lacking behind.”

The minister has asked key stakeholders for advice, urging them to be honest and not sugar-coat any issues. He said that he needed to know the reality of the industry’s problems and concerns and asked for direct information.

“The purpose of stakeholders giving the raw and honest issues and challenges is for them to know what the real issue is, and government can supply the necessary remedies to fix it,” minister Schnaubelt said.

“We need to find a mutual ground to see how best we could deliver this and, more importantly, do not lose sight of our position and our responsibility of serving the people of PNG because the aviation industry owes it to the general public.”