THE Catholic Church Health Services (CCHS) with the support of the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership is improving and strengthening its reporting mechanisms on sexual and reproductive health services in the country.

CCHS data helps the Government of Papua New Guinea to make informed decisions about health service delivery including access to proper treatment.

A three-day workshop on effective data collection, analysis and reporting was held for 11 Catholic health officers last month.

Catholic Health Services program manager Graham Apian said it will ensure accurate information on HIV is collected and reported to the National Department of Health.

“By providing accurate information, we help people living with HIV to continue their treatment,” Mr Apian said.

“When we collect information and report it correctly to the National Department of Health, it informs the government how the country is performing in health.

Reports from our provincial health centres contribute to HIV and national health reporting, which in turn feeds into the health indicators and sector performance reviews for the entire country.”

This was the second of three workshops conducted by the Catholic Church Health Services and the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine.

They are part of the Sexual Reproductive Health Integration Project supported by the PNG-Australia Partnership.

With PNG-Australia Partnership support, the Sexual and Reproductive Health Integration Project has provided care and treatment for around 6000 people in 2019.