Zong-ShaoxingRAMU NiCo has appointed Zong Shaoxing as the new chairman of Ramu NiCo Management, replacing Zhao Shimin in leading the Madang-based nickel and cobalt project.

He has served as Vice President of China ENFI Engineering Corporation and was appointed chief financial officer with professional fields in accounting, financial, and economical management.

After graduating from Shangdong University, he joined China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute from 1985 to 2004.

In 2005, he was promoted as financial manager of China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute till he joined China ENFI Engineering Corporation.

Mr Zong joins Ramu NiCo Project with a wealth of management knowledge at the time when the project is in need of high calibre management skills to move forward and overcome both technical, social and management obstacles to deliver the project.

Upon the announcement, new chairman Mr Zong acknowledged Mr Zhao’s dedication and contribution to the project in the past two years.

Other executive changes include appointment of Xu Jian and Zhao Deqian as new vice presidents.

Zhong Jiawen was appointed as the new chief financial officer, while former chief financial officer Mr Sun Yan would be assigned to other tasks according to the directions from MCC Group.