A SLIM line range of all-steel WCR-4000 Series torque wrenches has been introduced by Enerpac for the South East Asian market.

Enerpac said the spanners had been designed to provide the lowest radial and spanner thickness possible, while still delivering a suitable level of rated torque.

The WCR4000 series enhances efficiency and minimises fatigue and delay by easily and safely accessing tight spaces, including the API flanges commonly used in surface drilling and production pipelines and plant, Enerpac said.

This design allows controlled tightening in applications where it would otherwise not be possible.

The “safe fail link” design incorporated in the spanners safeguards against spanner fragmentation and associated injury hazards occurring outside the cassette with other designs, Enerpac said.

It includes a mechanical fuse inside the cassette, providing safer bolting for operators and nearby workers.

Enerpac’s standard W4000 drive unit allows the many customers who already use Enerpac low-profile tools to also use their existing W4000 drives on the new WCR4000.

The drive unit for new WCR4000 range is compatible with widely used Enerpac standard W series hexagonal cassettes, the company said.

The WCR4000 range joins Enerpac’s wide range of non-impact professional bolting and joint technologies, including the W low profile hexagonal wrenches, S square drive wrenches, Z series torque wrench pumps and complementary technology such as the new ATM series flange alignment tools that rectify twists and rotational flange misalignment quickly and safely.