LORENGAU Sea Port on Manus Island is being restored and PNG Ports Corporation is implementing a major port operating system upgrade, the PNG Port Corporation (PNGPCL) announced.

PNGPCL, the owner and operator of Lorengau, recently invested more than K300,000 to restore the port.

Included in the upgrade was the installation of a standby generator for alternate power supply, upgrades to port electrical installation from single phase supple to three phase, upgrades to the mains supply cable, replacement of area lights, upgrades to all electrical fittings and installation of a three phase main distribution meter.

In addition, the toilet facilities were restored, a water tank replaced and the port office was updated.

The work, which was recently completed, began in early June.

PNGPCL chief executive Stanley Alphonse said PNGPCL has a service charter, both under the Harbours Act and the regulatory contract it has with the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission to maintain smaller ports at an operational level.

“The rehabilitation of the infrastructure at Lorengau is consistent with efforts by PNGPCL to upgrade core infrastructure around the country to meet demand in the economy and support the efforts by the government to improve transport infrastructure and living standards among the citizens,” he said.

PNGPCL decided to carry out major upgrades at the port after an inspection in March highlighted areas needing improvement.

Lorengau has only five employees but is the lifeline to more than 60,000 people of Manus by being the gateway for good and services to flow into the province.

The port contributes to the export of cocoa, copra and sea cucumbers.In addition, operations at key sea ports around PNGPCL’s network of ports have been enhanced, giving the company access to an unprecedented amount of information to assist with business.

Included in the upgrade were Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Kimbe and Alotau, with Wewak to follow by the end of the year.

The ports will use the Klein port N-Tier system.

“The information optimised the marine modules and recording vessel visits, handling cargo manifests, recording services rendered to vessels on port users,” Mr Alphonse said.

The Klein Operational Management Information System was purchased from Klein System Group in Vancouver, Canada.

Organisations using Klein System Group products include Darwin Port, Flinders Port, American Coast Guards and the Australian Reef Pilots.

ICT manager Joseph Samuel said another benefit to the program was the enhancement of the mail and reporting system so the system pushes out emails or notifications both internally to the managers, supervisors or teams and externally to customers and all other stakeholders.

The system allows shipping companies optional web client access, which enables agents to view their shipping schedule of services from the port, attach documents, view invoices.

PNGPCL said employees at the ports where the system is being rolled out were upskilled to operate the new system.

In the ICT department, the application team was trained on the administration tools of the system.

The ICT team with Klein Systems group consultants rolled out training for staff at the ports.

Mr Alphonse said the upgrades are consistent with the corporation’s efforts to support the government in its drive to improve the marine transport sector.