SUPPORT and storage services will be provided by United Engineering Services LLC as part of a recently signed agreement with Nautilus Minerals.

United will provide support services associated with wet testing the company’s seafloor production equipment and storing the equipment as it is delivered from various suppliers prior to integration onto the production support vessel (PSV).

In a January announcement, Nautilus said the first equipment to be tested will be the three seafloor production tools (SPTs) which will be delivered for testing shortly.

Once delivered, the SPTs will undergo extensive wet testing at Duqm port, Oman.

Testing is designed to provide a submerged demonstration of the fully assembled SPTs and will involve testing of control systems operations and feedback, hydraulic functions, collection system functions and survey and visualisation systems.

On completion of the wet testing, the SPTs will be stored at United facilities in Duqm for preservation and maintenance until integration on the PSV which is expected to occur in 2017, Nautilus said.

Nautilus chief executive Mike Johnston was excited to have the SPTs fully assembled as the company prepares for wet testing in Oman.

“We appreciate the ongoing support from our largest shareholder MB Holding Company LLC who is assisting us with the wet testing and provision of storage facilities in Oman.”

“We look forward to the next phase of development to wet test our equipment as we work towards commencing our seafloor operations in Q1 2018.”

United is a wholly owned subsidiary of MB Holding Company LLC.

United has provided engineering services for over three decades, it caters to the oil and gas and power generation and water sectors, and has operations in over 22 countries with more than 6,000 employees worldwide.