EIGHT emergency response officers from Hidden Valley Gold Mine in Morobe Province have the skills to recycle all fire extinguishers at the mine site.

In a statement, Morobe Valley Joint Ventures said the eight officers underwent a two day intensive training in January on how to use a fire extinguisher replenishing machine.

The company said all eight officers successfully finished the training course and are competent in doing the job.

The training follows the arrival of the fire extinguisher replenishing machine sent over from Australia in November last year.

Emergency response coordinator Jonathan Bal said he was proud of the achievement and thanked the management for supporting the continued improvement of safety at the site.

“It’s a safety standard requirement to equip all departments with critical firefighting equipment. In the event of a fire, these canisters assist in fighting the fire at its initial stages, so this is important training for us,” he said.

Mr Bal said since Hidden Valley commenced operations, fire extinguishers were purchased through an external supplier in Lae, with the standard 9 kilogram DCP and foam canisters costing around K800 and the 4.5 DCPs costing K400.

With the workshop, the team can produce 4.5kg DCP, 9kg DCP, 9kg wet chemicals and 9 litres AFFF foam and also conduct hydrostatic tests, Mr Bal explained.

Unused fire extinguishers can last for five years before needing to be replaced, Mr Bal said the team will register all canisters site-wide and conduct inspections occasionally.

Morobe said the trainees underwent a skills standard test with trainer Chris Wynn from Flame Control Industries.