PORT MORESBY Nature Park opened two new attractions in February, an original Milne Bay Trobriand Island ‘Yam Haus’ and a ‘Bird of Paradise’ exhibit.

The Yam Haus exhibit was designed and built by Morgan Kaniyoisi, a Trobriand Islander now residing in Port Moresby, TPA said in a statement.

On the construction Mr Kaniyoisi said “When building the Yam Haus our team used only traditional materials and paint designs and colours to ensure that the Yam Haus is as culturally accurate as possible.”

“Our team definitely felt the pressure when building the Yam Haus as we were not only representing our home village, the Trobriand Islands, but also Papua New Guinea as we expect the Yam Haus will generate a lot of interest as a key cultural attraction at the nature park during the 2015 Pacific Games,” he said.

TPA said another attraction opened at the event was the upgrade and restoration of an old aviary.

The aviary includes a full glass-frontage viewing area providing an unobstructed view of the birds for visitors, which was provided by Niugini Glass and Aluminium in addition to PNG TPA’s support, TPA said.

Featuring both birds of paradise and fruit doves, it is hoped that a breeding program for these species could occur in the future at the nature park.

TPA director of policy and planning, Alcinda Trawen said TPA was happy to continue to support the Port Moresby nature park as one of the country’s leading attractions, especially drawing overseas visitors Tourist attractions at nature park and inspiring them to visit other parts of the country.

Port Moresby Nature Park is located between the University of Papua New Guinea and Port Moresby National High School, and is open daily from 8:00 am.

The nature park is an initiative of governor Powes Parkop and the National Capital District Commission.