A TWO-WEEK intensive tourism training course at the University of Hawaii, Executive Development Institute of Tourism (EDIT) had a staff member from PNG’s Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) take part in the course earlier this year.

Senior policy and planning officer Simon Pih completed the EDIT training with several other representatives from private and public tourism sectors across Asia and the Pacific.

Mr Pih’s training included the following key areas in tourism development; strategic management, innovation to product development, tourism research and policy and eco-tourism.

TPA said the EDIT program is co-sponsored by the Pacific Asia Travel Association, which it describes as the world’s largest non-profit travel and trade association servicing the Asia Pacific region.

EDIT is held annually and last year TPA marketing coordinator Joel Keimelo was selected to attend the training.

TPA said Mr Pih and Mr Keimelo expressed how the course helped them hone and develop the knowledge and tools for creativity and enterprise in the travel and tourism industry as well as an opportunity for networking with fellow course participants.