ENVIRONMENTAL Services company Total Waste Management (TWM PNG) is considering putting together a waste mineral oil processing facility in Papua New Guinea, avoiding the need for the group to export waste for appropriate disposal.

While the company was always attempting to find suitable recycling and re-use alternatives within PNG, it was compelled to look overseas when these were not available.

This is presently the case for the recycling of waste lubrication oils, where the development of recycling infrastructure requires a sustained supply of waste oil and a suitable end-use for the recycled product.

As such, TWM has permits in place under the Waigani Convention to export waste oil, having exported over 3,000,000 litres of product to Australia for recycling to date.

TWM is a proudly PNG owned and based company providing industrial waste management, domestic and waste water treatment, civil and environmental engineering and spill management services across Papua New Guinea.

Speaking with PNG Resources, TWM PNG’s Country and business development manager Kori Chan said the group was completing its final feasibility studies on the idea.

Established in 2011, TWM initially targeted the mining and oil and gas sectors, ensuring that the disposal of waste materials generated by the projects met the standards of their multinational operators and PNG regulatory requirements.

Today, the group has also expanded beyond this to recycling for plastics, aluminium and cardboard and providing civil and environmental engineering solutions to groups across Papua New Guinea.

“We really are trying to drive world class standards in our industry,” Mr Chan said.

Among those was the company’s recent acquisition of a Hooklift palfinger truck, which the company says is the first of its kind in PNG.

The truck incorporates a 9,000 litre vacuum tank, which is used for pumping out liquid wastes such as septic tanks, grease traps and waste oils for industrial sites.

The multi-purpose vehicle can hold the vacuum tanker, skip bins of up to 20 cubic metres and a flatbed trailer attachment, enabling it to serve industrial clients in both solid wastes and liquid wastes and as a transport carrier for light goods.