TODAY, processes in the producing industry must be faster, more cost-effective and more individualised – saving even a few seconds has a noticeable effect on production efficiency.

The new machine control from bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec changed the sequence of the bending process and arranged synchronised individual steps.

The new, effort-saving control software is supplemented by an integrated diagnostic and maintenance tool which minimises downtime.

Schwarze-Robitec president Bert Zorn said a range of systems on the market allowed individual processes to run simultaneously.

“Our control goes a crucial step further,” he said.

“It already prepares the respectively next working step during execution of the current process. Just-in-time, so to speak.”

For example, Schwarze-Robitec said that while the tube was being fed to the tool, the clamping functions close almost fully.

“This means that the tool is immediately ready for the next bending step when the tube reaches its target position,” the company said.

For Schwarze-Robitec it was also very important to develop a simple, intuitive and effort-saving control, managing director Hartmut Stöhr said.

“Before, the operator had to select and configure more and more parameters and functions. Now, our control takes over this time-intensive work as a standard feature,” he said.

“The software finds the optimal parameters for the respective bending order thus reducing cycle times considerably.”

Menu navigation and structure are designed in a clear manner, while the integrated diagnostic and maintenance tool guides the operator through all setting and optimising steps and checks all data for validity.

If the machine operator forgets to define a parameter, the tool will remind them.

“Fitted with such aids, our control software clearly contributes to faster and more economical production processes”, Mr Stöhr said