FORMER Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Alan Scott has been appointed a deputy commissioner with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) as it prepares for the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting.

Deputy commissioner Scott will take on the role of coordinating safety and security for APEC preparations, helping to guide the joint task force on APEC security, which is being formed to draw in elements from security agencies while working with PNG’s foreign security partners.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill welcomed the appointment, made by the National Executive Council, saying deputy commissioner Scott brought international experience to the challenge, commanding respect from RPNGC personnel.

“As the former Assistant Commissioner from the Australian Federal Police Program in Papua New Guinea, he brings an international perspective to the reforms that we need in our police force, and the training required to reach the next level,” he said.

Deputy Commissioner Scott had previously led the Australian Federal Police’s contingent of advisors in PNG, with police minister Robert Atiyafah told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that Deputy Commissioner Scott had a real interest in PNG.

“We had to do this in the interest of our country and in RPNGC – it’s not for myself or individuals – we have to think outside the picture to see the benefits that will come about,” he said.

Appointing deputy commissioner Scott to take on responsibility for Reform, Training and APEC was a demonstration of the functionality of bringing foreign advisors into Government bodies under the direct authority of the Government, Mr O’Neill.

“Alan Scott will work in the chain of command as an officer of the RPNGC.

“The decision by the Government to bring to an end the direct placement of foreign advisors in national offices, and to employ them direct, will have positive outcomes for the country.

“The Bire Kimisopa Committee brought forward recommendations for the realignment of foreign advisers, and this is now a policy working across several Government departments.”

Mr O’Neill also announced the appointment of deputy commissioner Scott  alongside new deputy commissioners Jim Andrews (Operations) and Raphael Huafolo (Administration).

They would help to raise the capacity of the police service, aiming to enhance the stability and discipline of the service by virtue of their experience, he said.

“We are drawing on the demonstrated experience and capabilities of Deputy Commissioners Andrews and Huafolo to enhance stability and discipline,” Mr O’Neill said.

They would also help to institute reform across the RPNGC, with Mr O’Neill saying the PNG people expected better from current arrangements.

“We have a lot of work that is needed to be done in modernising our police and raising disciplinary standards,” he said in an announcement.

“Our three Deputy Commissioners, working under the leadership of Commissioner Gary Baki, will provide the direction that is required across their respective commands.”