Editor: Philip Fitzpatrick, Keith Jackson
Publisher: Pukpuk Publishing
ISBN: 978-1515182634

THE CROCODILE Prize is an annual literary competition open to all citizens of Papua New Guinea. The prize is named after the first novel published by a Papua New Guinean, Vincent Eri in 1970.

The winners are announced in September during Independence Week each year.

The anthology features the work of the best writers in the competition.This year’s edition of the anthology, the fifth, is deliberately shorter than previous editions due to what the editors call “a tightening of publishing criteria in terms of quality.”

“As such, this years’ Anthology truly represents the cream of Papua New Guinean writers. In other words, the bar has been lifted a notch,” they write.

The anthology includes short story award winner Hazel Kutkue’s When Life Gets Tough In January, essay award winner Busa Jeremiah Wenogo’s The Shadows in My Eyes and Joycelin Leahy’s The Song of the Turtle, the winner of the award for writing for children.