PAPUA New Guinea-based SP Brewery has added two new products to its range, a lager beer for the budget conscious consumer and a radler version of its popular South Pacific Export brand.

Brewed in the company’s Port Moresby brewery, the Kundu Lager beer was launched across the National Capital District and the surrounding area in August.

In its announcement, SP Brewery said the new beer offered “an alternative to illegal and unregulated alcohol sales.”

“Kundu Lager Beer is brewed for those seeking an honest beer at an affordable price point,” the company said.

Priced at 72 kina per carton (24 x 330 millilitre cans), and with 4.5 per cent alcohol by volume, SP Brewery said Kundu beer was formulated using methods that were less expensive than traditional brews.

“Kundu is only sold to licensed distributors and resellers that in turn abide by the Liquor Licensing laws, ensuring no availability to minors and observing controlled opening hours,” the company said.

“SPB is concerned with the availability of harmful alternatives and believes offering an affordable authentic beer will assist in addressing such harm.”

SP Brewery is also stretching into the softer end of the market, with the newly launched South Pacific Export Radler containing just 2% alcohol.

The Export Radler, a mixture of beer and natural lemon juice, is targeted at customers looking for a lighter option when having a night on the town.

SP Brewery’s commercial manager Damian Dabkowski said the new product complements the Brewery’s current beer brands.

“The SP Export Radler is targeted specifically to consumers over the age of 18 and appeals to a wide variety of consumers, especially women,” he said.

Mr Dabkowski said consumers are very familiar with the South Pacific Export brand and will see the SP Export Radler initially in the 330ml can with the bottle to follow before the year’s end.