SEEBYTE has launched a new multibeam imaging sonar mosaic tool for use with the company’s SeeTrack Copilot software.

Generated using a simple on and off button the multibeam imaging sonar forward-look mosaic can be used to quickly generate maps and improve remotely operated vehicle (ROV) pilots’ situational awareness.

Mahesh Menon of Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), a partnering company of SeeByte and leading manufacturer of Work Class ROVs said the company had benefitted from the introduction of the technology to SMD’s DVECS-S ROV control system, where CoPilot formed part of its core.

“With DVECS-S, pilots are able to engage autonomous functions on a ROV, such as auto cruise-control and object tracking using multi-beam sonar, which are beneficial in subsea operations, for example riser inspection, drill support and construction,” Dr Menon said.

“We are very excited by the release of SeeByte’s sonar mosaic tool, which will further benefit our customers, enabling them to paint a map of their environment and use that map to navigate more effectively. There is currently no other capability like this in the marketplace.”

SeeTrack CoPilot permits pilot controlled auto-transit and stop-and-hover, whilst providing automated sonar tracking and movement relative to a target.