Author: Barry Taverner
Printer: Paradigm Print Media
ISBN: 9780994150103

This coffee table book is a collection of photographs that cover the years 1996 -2014, that author and photographer Barry Taverner has taken since he has been working in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Taverner went to Papua New Guinea during the period of Australian administration in 1967 as a Patrol Officer and returned to Australia in 1973.

He worked in the field of Remote Sensing for 17 years and in 1996 was invited back to PNG by Oilmin Field Services to manage crews working in the jungles to establish seismic lines which would eventually, hopefully, lead to the discovery of oil and gas.

Boasting a wide range of photographs of Papua New Guinea’s flora and fauna, taken during survey works, the book also offers a range of technical images, complete with clear explanations about the nature and routine of survey work.

Available in hardcover, with 134 pages of content, this book can be ordered through the author – who can be reached at +61 468 324 463, or via email at wrenhill245@