DEMONSTRATING the opportunity to work in the construction industry, Red Sea Housing Services welcomed the Young Children’s Mentoring Club (YCMC) at the Bomana police housing estate in early May.

Tuition from Red Sea Housing Services general manager Ken Clinton was provided to the participants to highlight employment opportunities for men and women in the construction industry.

Mr Clinton led a tour of the construction site and took questions on the project and the construction sector in general.

The aim of the conversation and tour was to demonstrate to those interested in joining the construction industry that there are jobs open to men and women from all walks of life, the company said.

Red Sea Housing Services said it was stressed to the group that every individual brings to a team a different set of skills and that all contributions are valuable.

The YCMC members were very enthusiastic to learn about how their studies can lead to jobs upon graduation, the company said.

Red Sea Housing Services provided an interactive tour where YCMC members were able to walk through the houses at different stages of construction and see the road and drainage systems as they are being completed.

Being able to see the components that are required to deliver a project of this nature is invaluable in bridging the knowledge gap between theoretical learning and first hand experience, the company said.

Red Sea Housing Services said it hoped that through actively engaging with young people, that relationships can be built and interest can be nurtured into skill and talent that will assist in gaining meaningful and long term employment that will ultimately benefit the Port Moresby community and Papua New Guinea.