Author: Warren Young

Publisher: XLibris

ISBN: 9781514445549

WARREN Young has compiled a collection of images representing a snapshot of the history of Rabaul.

Photographs sourced and collected in the book show times from the German New Guinea Administration from 1884 and 1919, when Rabaul was known as Simpsonhafen.

During World War II it was occupied by the Japanese Empire in 1942 and it became the main base of Japanese military and naval activity in the South Pacific.

Over the next four years the Allied Forces destroyed the town’s old buildings and tree lined streets by saturation bombing – leaving the city ready to be rebuilt.

Many of the buildings designed to replace these in Rabaul, where Professor Young lived from 1954 to 1965, are no more after the volcanic eruption of Mount Tavurvur in 1994.

The images collected by Professor Young in the book make for interesting viewing for anyone interested in the history of the city.