PAPUA New Guinea successfully made its presence felt at China’s prestigious Shanghai World Travel Fair, in March this year, according to Papua New Guinea’s Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA).

Shanghai World Travel Fair is China’s travel and tourism expo that brings together various destinations and tourism industry organisations and businesses that have a vested interest in China, one of Asia’s largest economies.

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority’s Shanghai office representative James Qian said the PNG exhibit received many visitors during the four day event and there was a significant interest in PNG as travel destination with people wanting to know more about the country.

570 exhibitors from more than 50 countries all across the globe attended this year’s World Travel Fair.

TPA said PNG tourism hopes to tap into China’s travel market which records a continuously soaring number in Chinese outbound travellers.

Also, earlier this year, PNG tourism made a huge splash in Asia’s largest travel dive show – the Diving Resort Travel Expo also in Shanghai, TPA said.

PNG’s status as being among the world’s best diving destinations was further recognised with receiving the Diving Resort Travel Shanghai award for ‘Best Reef Diving Destination for 2015’, the organisation said.

The recently established PNG Tourism Promotion Authority office in China worked hard to ensure PNG’s presence at the show was a successful one, TPA said.