IN 2009, Pacific Rim Constructors (PRC) made the decision to move into Papua New Guinea, and in early 2010 started the process of market exploration and establishment.

The initiation of a new business in any country provides its challenges, and PNG proved no different. PRC spent significant time and effort building local networks and traveling around the country to ensure a full understanding of the local environment prior to the inception of a formal business presence.

Since the company’s inception in PNG in 2010, PRC has made sustainable development in PNG a focus and a necessity.

An essential element of our operation is our in-house training and development regime. For us, local content and nationalisation is more than just paying local taxes and hiring PNG citizens.

We have successfully elevated local people from nearby villages to positions of higher responsibility and higher pay by providing on-the-job mentorship, technical training and company-sponsored, third party training programs.

In addition to technical skills, our employees have grown immensely in their knowledge of PRC’s safety and quality programs, which ensures that each and every member of our team goes home safely to their family every day.

In addition to in-house programs, PRC has taken the initiative to give back to the local community.

For example, PRC organised a beach cleanup, in which we donated dump trucks and trash bags to carry garbage from Ela Beach to a proper dumpsite. We had more than 100 employees participate and we were graced with the presence of the Governor of Port Moresby.

All participants received a T-Shirt and a BBQ for their service, courtesy of PRC. These events help foster a sense of community and family, which are values PRC chooses to embody.

PRC has also formed a partnership with the Port Moresby Nature Park (PMNP) to provide in-kind donations of construction services. We have constructed boardwalks and animal environments on behalf of PMNP.