Author: Julius Chan

Publisher: University of Queensland Press

ISBN: 978-0702253973

BORN on a remote island to a migrant Chinese father and an indigenous mother, Julius Chan overcame poverty, discrimination and family tragedy to become one of Papua New Guinea’s most influential politicians.

His 50-year career, including two terms as Prime Minister, spans a crucial period of the country’s history, particularly its coming of age from an Australian colony to a leading democratic nation in the South Pacific.

Playing the Game is Chan’s own account of the role he played during these decades of political, economic and social change.

It explores the vexed issues of increasing corruption, government failure, and the unprecedented exploitation of PNG’s precious natural resources.

In the first memoir by a Papua New Guinean leader in 40 years, Sir Julius explores his decision in 1997 to hire a private military force, Sandline International, to quell the ongoing civil crisis in Bougainville.

This controversial deal sparked worldwide outrage, cost Sir Julius the prime ministership and led to ten years in the political wilderness.

Playing the Game is an authentic and compelling account of Chan’s private and political life, and offers a rare insight into how the modern nation of Papua New Guinea came to be and the extraordinary challenges it faces in the 21st century.