PETROTECHNICS has announced a hazardous industry first with support for its Proscient Operational Performance and Predictive Risk software platform.

The company said its Proscient’s support for iPad and iPhone mobility provided the first modern mobile solution for frontline operations staff in hazardous industries.

Organisations use Proscient to improve their production efficiency and lower operational risk by better managing workload against risk according to policy. Proscient provides organisations the capabilities to ensure policy is put into operational practice and to increase production efficiency by improving maintenance effectiveness and reducing the maintenance backlog.

Proscient’s support for iPad and iPhone devices allows frontline operational staff to work in online or off line mode to more efficiently manage frontline processes such as isolations management and gas test recording.

“Proscient’s mobility capabilities will help the industry move away from legacy, hard to use and unsupported mobile operating systems solutions to familiar and intuitive iPad and iPhone devices,” Petrotechnics vice president of product management Scott Lehmann said.

“With the easiest and most intuitive user experience available on the market today organisations can see significant gains in productivity and safety with real time access to critical business processes, work activity and capabilities to record and update gas tests and manage isolations.”

Petrotechnics, which has been working with customers in hazardous in industries for over 15 years, said the latest innovation came as a result of working closely with customers to understand their needs. Petrotechnics is based in Aberdeen, UK, with offices in Houston, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.