THIRTY participants recently graduated from a two week personal viability (PV) training held at the remote Minawa village in the Watut local level government (LLG) area in Bulolo district, Morobe province.

Funded by Hidden Valley mine, the training concluded in March and participants graduated with a level one certificate, Morobe Mining joint venture said.

Facilitated by the Entrepreneurial Development Training Centre’s (EDTC), Beilo Barnabas, one of three PV trainers in Morobe province, participants went through the concept of “Project Me”.

Ms Barnabas explained that project me is about individuals becoming a project and to work on transforming themselves to become better people in the community.

“Personal viability is about holistic human development. Identify the good in your life and keep them and remove the bad ones. It is all about training individuals to develop themselves spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. The training is all about the development of the mindset,” she said.

Participant Gulingo Andrew said she was happy to attend the training.

Being illiterate, Ms Andrew said she did not think the training would be suited for her, but having completed the course, she has realised the value in the training and hopes to use her new skills to realise her goals.

Hidden Valley mine’s government liaison advisor Abel Philemon said they have conducted 7 PV training at both the Hidden Valley  and Wafi Golpu project communities.

“The most powerful training package that is available to us is personal viability.  People within our communities must change from inside. They must change the way they think, they must change their mindset. PV will set the foundation upon which other trainings will be based,” he said.

Mr Philemon said this will motivate them to take other community development projects such as agriculture, women livelihood and the concept of starting your own business.

The training was funded by Hidden Valley mine through its community and regional development program.