PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has asked the Chief Secretary to government, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, to consult with government agencies following the release of a long-awaited report into organic law.

The Constitution and Law Reform Commission report on the Organic Law (CLRC) on provincial and local level governments was tabled in Parliament in early June, two years after the inquiry started.

Among the recommendations is the introduction of a new organic law on decentralisation, looking at giving provincial and local level governments new powers.

Among others, it says service delivery could be improved through the revitalisation and modernisation of state services.

“Service delivery by the state can be improved through revitalisation, integration and modernisation of the political system,” the report said.

“Improved service delivery by the public sector for national development can be achieved by revitalised, integrated and modernised political system.”

“Wealth creation, growth and national development can be achieved by the state through the use of modernised financing arrangements,” the report said.

The report also stated that lawmaking powers were needed for economic growth, calling for a framework for the revitalisation and growth of district towns, provincial towns and cities through municipal authorities.

“Support autonomy on the principal of reward for excellence,” the report said.

“Establish district development authorities for rural development and growth and integrated governments for national developments.”

In tabling the report, Mr O’Neill urged members of parliament to find out more about the new district development authority, appoint their boards and convene the first meeting.

He said the recommendations contained in the report affected all government operations, with the Chief Secretary to provide advice on the likely implications of the report after consultation with departments and agencies.