COMMUNITY financial self-reliance is the focus of the Ok Tedi development foundation (OTDF) as it rolls out its 2016 – 2020 Strategic Direction.

This five year strategic direction was endorsed by the CMCA advisory committee and the OTDF board during their respective meetings in March.

Through until 2020, OTDF’s programs and projects will focus on the theme community financial self-reliance through socio-economic initiatives and improved infrastructure.

To achieve this, OTDF will engage with stakeholders in its five priority development sectors of health, education, infrastructure, economic development, and social development.

Indicators across each sector are directly tied to the PNG government’s Medium Term Development Plan 2 and the provincial five year development plan.

OTDF board chairman Musje Werror said the 2016 strategic direction reflects the company’s transition to becoming less dependent on funding from Ok Tedi Mining and assumes greater responsibility as the development vehicle for the Western province.

“In part due to the dry weather event in the latter half of 2015, the foundation’s staff numbers were reduced and the organisation restructured consistent with the lessons learned from the previous six years of operations, and the anticipated development needs of the province over the next five years,” Mr Werror said.

Regular engagement at village level has enabled OTDF to strengthen the capacity of the CMCA village trusts, women’s associations, and to secure support for agriculture and forestry initiatives to sustain their future livelihood driven by three commercial scale livelihood development packages in rice, rubber and eaglewood, OTDF said.

By the end of 2020 OTDF said it aimed to become an efficient and effective development organisation capable of design, management, and monitoring and evaluation of larger programs and projects in priority sectors.

OTDF hopes to reduce its reliance on OK Tedi Mining for operational funding and be funding the majority of overheads from project management fees and alternate donor funds.

In addition the foundation plans to have an increased role in supporting the provincial administration to plan and implement development programs across the whole of western province.

By the end of 2010 OTDF has also set out to be providing more strategic, rather than operational organisational and business support to CMCA community structures and business entities on a fee for service basis.

OTDF chief executive Ian Middleton said he is confident that OTDF staff will deliver on the approved strategic direction.