The National Training Council (NTC) has certified the Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) to teach courses in financial literacy.

At a recent ceremony, the NTC presented CEFI with a Certificate of Registration to conduct Training, as well as an ‘Accreditation of Courses’ Certificate. In addition, Jill Pijui, CEFI’s Head of Training, also received a ‘Certificate of Registration as an Instructor’.

George Awap, the Acting Assistant Governor, Financial System Stability Group (FSSG), Bank of Papua New Guinea, accepted the certificates on behalf of Benny Popoitai, Acting Governor Bank of Papua New Guinea and Chairman of CEFI Board.

Mr Awap thanked the NTC and said, “Financial education is important, and commitment by individuals, families, financial institutions, and training institutions is critical in ensuring Papua New Guineans are financially literate. I recognize the efforts the National Training Council has done so far in ensuring that quality education is provided at all levels.”

Saliya Ranasinghe, CEFI’s Executive Director, said the partnership between the NTC and CEFI was crucial for the growth of financial education in Papua New Guinea. He added, “We want to be a reputable training institution that will deliver financial literacy training in the country. Financial literacy is important for this country, and we have witnessed how lives have changed because of our (financial literacy) training.”

Kinsella Geoffrey, the NTC Director, commended CEFI for getting recognition as a training institution. “We (NTC) believe in the work that CEFI does; we have been made aware through the media about your programs of financial literacy to educate our people, especially in the rural areas,” he said.

When presenting the certificates to Mr Awap, Mr Geoffrey added, “The registration certificate I am going to hand over is a testament of achievement, what we call quality assurance framework, and it talks about three items, trainer, facility and program.”

Mr Geoffrey said that getting CEFI certified and registered was a process that had taken the NTC and CEFI around two years.

Photo caption: NTC Director Kinsella Geoffrey (2nd left) presenting the certificates to Acting Assistant Governor, Financial System Stability Group (FSSG), Bank of Papua New Guinea, George Awap witnessed by NTC Assistant Director Kevin Kalis (far left) and CEFI Executive Director Saliya Ranasinghe. Photo credit CEFI.