OK TEDI Mining’s managing director Nigel Parker announced he will retire from the company effective 28 February 2015.

In a statement the company said Mr Parker worked for OTML during a pivotal time in the company’s history that included dramatic changes to secure the future of the mine until at least 2025.

Mr Parker worked with the company for eight years and was acknowledged by the Board for his support and lasting legacy in educating children in the Western Province and his role as chairman of the Ok Tedi Development Foundation.

The Board announced Musje Werror took on the role of chief operating officer to lead OTML as of 1 December 2014.

Mr Werror is the first Papua New Guinean appointed as an executive leader of the business.

OTML chairman Sir Moi Avei said “It is a matter of considerable pride for me, as a Papua New Guinean, to advise that in the company’s first year as a fully-owned State Owned Enterprise we have appointed our first Papua New Guinean executive leader of the business.”

Currently working as OTML’s general manager employee and external relations, Mr Werror’s career with OTML included working across operations, occupational health and safety and community relations.