THE NATIONAL Capital District (NCD) launched a new waste management policy in September designed to overhaul approaches to environment, waste and pollution.

NCD waste manager Joshua Sam said coordinating effective waste management in the area was challenging.

“The commission plans to adopt a strategic approach as set out under seven key areas to sustainably manage waste now and into the future,” Mr Sam said.

“The policy will be implemented by individuals and collective actions by all sectors of the community to ensure a safe, healthy, sustainable and sound economic environment.”

The vision of the policy was to create a “clean, green and safe environment” for NCD while providing a framework for the effective management of solid waste generation, storage, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal, a government statement said.

“It sets the roles and responsibilities that support the Commission in prioritising waste management strategies for five years of implementation period with arrangements for tracking, progress and monitoring performances,” Mr Sam said.

The policy will also focus on “reduce, re-use and recycle” methods to reduce and manage waste at the source before collection and disposal, the statement said.