GOVERNOR of Papua New Guinea’s National Capital District Powes Parkop has allocated K1.1 million to the establishment of a Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC) secretariat and a gender-based violence (GBV) training centre, a first for PNG.

The secretariat will work on preventing gender-based violence, providing services for victims and ongoing training for GBV specialists working across government and non-government bodies.

The secretariat is a case management and outreach entity, managing the work of the One Stop Shop – a coordination and support service, providing survivors of violence with psychosocial, paralegal and case management support and medical services.

Through this, the secretariat will also secure on-going interaction with other key stakeholders within the referral pathways, maintain a reliable database informed by the rule of confidentiality of the clients and ensure quality and accountable service delivery at every step of the referral pathway.

The secretariat will provide a short-term shelter to facilitate easy access to services and operate a 24/7 SMS alert system, and establish the GBV Training Centre.

Mr Parkop said addressing violence was a priority – particularly gender-based violence.

“It will be crucial for all of you to work together as one to bring the transformation,” he said.

“Only without violence can we achieve sustainable development for all of us.”

The NDC’s funding will go towards FSVAC secretariats across the country, including the NCD, Milne Bay, Morobe and Jiwaka.