MINERAL Resources Authority (MRA) has handed over K90,000 to the Wafi-Golpu project to support capacity building programs for landowner communities, Morobe Mining Joint Ventures said in an announcement.

MRA manager for development coordination division Sean Ngansia, presented the cheque to Wafi Golpu’s community affairs manager Reuben Aila on 12 June.

This is the second round of funding issued through MRA’s business development grant, with the first being K30,000 to run personal viability training in January this year.

All of this is part of a broader K1.5 million grant to help train local communities in preparation for possible mining work.

Mr Ngansia said it was up to the company to deliver this program, stressing the importance of submitting acquittals in order to attain future grants of K1.5 million to support the initiatives that Morobe Mining has had with its communities.

“You submit that report because it is government funds and we need to acquit them.

Upon this we will keep providing funding until we exhaust those funds,” he said.

Mr Aila said the funds would go into capacity building projects for communities living along the footprint of the Wafi-Golpu project.

“The funding will help support some of our community projects while we’re going through the advanced exploration and feasibility support stage of the project.”

“There’s nothing much we can do except build the capacity of our people in terms of skills they need to gain in agriculture and business,” he said.

Mr Aila said the funding will be focused on the Quick Win program.

”The Quick Win Program is a faster way for farmers to achieve their goals by identifying resources that have a faster return on investment. For example, crops that can be harvested faster for good returns and improve their farming techniques,” Mr Aila said.