Six Project Coordinators from PNG’s Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) recently graduated with Certificates in ‘Responsible Resource Development (Community Relations)’ from the Sustainable Minerals Institute – Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (SMI – CSRM), of the University of Queensland.
SMI – CSRM is a leading research centre committed to improving the social performance of the industry globally. The Institute focus is on the social, cultural, economic and political challenges that occur when change is brought about by mineral resource extraction.
The officers are Carter Oiee, John Ipidari, Wesley Doria, Joel Ipape, Jonathan David and Joe Kak Ryangao.
Mr Doria said the course was re levant to the kind of work he does as a Project Coordinator.
“It has enhanced my skills in the following areas:”
* Community & Stakeholder Engagement
* Application and incorporation of key International Development Framewor ks into my work
* Community Development Planning
* Social Impact Assessments
* Conflict Resolution
* Managing Project Stakeholder Relationships
Mr Ipape said that among other benefits, the course has enabled him to appreciate the importance of alignment of long term development plans by the different stakeholders in mining projects.
He said for example, before a mine began operating, it should already be decided who should take ownership of development projects after the mine closes. This is so that projects such as wharves could continue to be serviced by the selected authority when mining companies leave.
MRA Managing Director Philip Samar said managing landowner issues on the ground was a difficult task and therefore, project coordinators had to be well equipped to deliver their services.