THE FIRST village birth attendant refresher training for 13 participants in the Wau LLG was facilitated by Morobe Mining Joint Ventures in partnership with the Bulolo District Health Services.

Held at the Kwembu Village community hall, in March, the training course took a new look at report writing skills.

In an announcement, Morobe Mining said report writing was an important skill for village birth attendants (VBA) in order to capture types of deliveries, referrals and emergencies.

Facilitator and Bulolo District nursing officer Rose Bosimbi said the skill was a vital one.

“Reporting is a big fall back for the Bulolo District in the implementation of the VBA program,” she said.

“Once we have the reports, VBAs can be recognised for the work they do in communities and receive assistance from health stakeholders.”

Morobe Mining said another new skill taught was the identification of the four different stages of pregnancy, from early pregnancy to six weeks after delivery with the training highlighting the importance of supervised deliveries.

As part of the training VBAs were advised to encourage mothers to have health facility deliveries either at aid posts or health centres.

Morobe Mining said the training also highlighted personal hygiene and cleanliness for both VBA and mother giving birth, and having a clean environment and tools for delivery.

“They were also trained to recognise complications during pregnancy and what measures to take in situations like these. They need this training to help reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in the district,” Sister Bosimbi said.

Morobe Mining’s preventative health coordinator Loncie Lautu said the refresher training will continue in the Watut LLG.

“One more training will be done with 45 VBAs expected to attend. These refreshers are very important because our VBAs need to be on top of their game in preventing maternal deaths in rural and remote areas,” Ms Lautu said.

“Their role in the community goes a long way in helping the country’s public health system,” she added.