PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill officially commissioned the K45 million gravel and vertical cast pipe plant owned by Monier Limited, in late July.

Mr O’Neill praised the ongoing investment in Papua New Guinea’s construction sector.

In opening the plant, at the Nebiri and Rouna quarries near Port Moresby, Mr O’Neill said the construction sector will continue to grow and employ thousands more Papua New Guineans as the economy expands.

Mr O’Neill thanked Monier and the Constantino Group for their confidence in the PNG economy.

“It is certainly an investment that is needed in the construction industry in Papua New Guinea.”

“This plant and machinery will continue to build Papua New Guinea with so much business expansion taking place,” he said.

With the construction phase of the Papua LNG facility to start, a boom in housing construction and businesses expanding their facilities and offices, Mr O’Neill said it is the right time to invest in PNG.

“With growth at around 15 per cent, companies have confidence in making more investments in their businesses.”

“We know the economy is doing very well, and we can see the growth of businesses over the past 10 or 14 years as the economy has continued to grow.”

“This is the right time to invest in our country and many companies are making the decision to increase their investment in Papua New Guinea,” Mr O’Neill said.

“This includes businesses that are already in Papua New Guinea, and companies around the world that are only now learning of the opportunity that exists in our country,” he added.

Mr O’Neill thanked the Constantino Group, which employs more than 3,000 Papua New Guineans, for its contribution to national growth.