TELIKOM PNG has appointed Michael Donnelly as its new chief executive, the state-owned entity has announced.

Dr Huang has more than 20 years MR Donnelly brings to Telikom and PNG 30 years of experience in the engineering and legal professions and has worked extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Prior to joining Telikom PNG, Mr Donnelly worked as the executive director for the New South Wales Dpartment of Finance, involved in preparing state owned entity (SOE) businesses for privatisation.

He has held various senior executive positions including executive vice president in Switzerland and Hong Kong for German company Siemens, as well as executive vice president of Eltrowatt, a Credit Swisse industrial subsidy.

Telikom PNG chairman Mahesh Patel said with Mr Donnelly on board as the chief executive, Telikom now aimed to create a new standard for PNG.

“With Mr Donnelly’s background, the Board of Telikom PNG has every confidence in Mr Donnelly’s leadership to continue to build Telikom PNG into a more customer focused organisation making it a sustainable business,” Mr Patel remarked.

Mr Donnelly holds a Masters in Law (International Commercial Law) from Deakin University and dual Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Law, and a Graduate Diploma in Management from the University of New South Wales.

He holds a Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice from the University of Sydney.