A NEW design for the Manus provincial police headquarters and Lorengau police station has been endorsed by local stakeholders.

As part of the redevelopment, the existing buildings will be demolished and temporary structures will be constructed at a site agreed by the Manus Provincial Administration to ensure policing services are uninterrupted during the rebuilding phase.

Following approval of a final design, the tender for construction is expected to be released in July, with construction scheduled to commence before the end of the year, and buildings to be completed by the end of 2016.

Deputy Police Commissioner Awan Sete said a central approach was taken to the design, with all sectors working together.

“The police look forward to working hand-in-hand with the Provincial Administration, to address the important issues facing Manus Province,” he said.

Manus Provincial Governor Charlie Benjamin said once built, the infrastructure would not only allow police services to expand but would uplift the spirit of the people of Manus.

“This is a real boost for Manus, and it strengthens the understanding and partnership we have with Australia. Manus is a small province without much infrastructure, and now we will have a police station that we will be very proud of,” he said.

The proposed design was launched at a stakeholder consultation in Manus hosted by the Australian government, part of a series held to gauge community needs and priorities for the redevelopment of the buildings.

Australian High Commissioner Deborah Stokes said consultation between stakeholders was vital to the delivery of a final product that serves the whole community.

“We want the Manus community to have their say in the new police station buildings which is for the people of Manus,” she said.

“The final building design will incorporate considerations such as energy efficiency and the environment and provide better protection for survivors of family and sexual violence and greater accessibility for people with disabilities.”

The Australian Government is funding the over K10 million redevelopment through the PNG-Australia Law and Justice Partnership – Transition Program.

This is part of Australia’s A$38 million additional assistance package to Manus which includes the recent gifting of a vehicle for a Family and Sexual Violence Unit in Manus.