Author: Baka Barakove Bina
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
ISBN: 978-1499751840

TWO men get drunk at a village in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, starting to fight after an argument concerning the reputation of a third man – who eventually intervenes with his fists.

The following morning the men must face a village moot and a killing of the fire ceremony – instigated by residents of a neighbouring village in a bid to repair the third man’s reputation.

Over the course of the night and the day that follows, all characters discover who the real man of calibre is.

Author Baka Barakove Bina works in the court registry in Port Moresby, and wrote this novel in memory of Vano Gerepenimo, a longtime village court magistrate of Notofana, in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands.

This book has been hailed as a novel that will one day be considered a classic of Papua New Guinean literature.It was the winner of the Ok Tedi Mining Limited Book of the Year Award in the 2015 Crocodile Prizes, allocated in September.