PNG civil and marine engineering construction company Nawae Construction Limited has thanked Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) and the Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) for a successful working partnership to complete several jetty projects in Western Province.

Nawae Construction Limited was responsible for constructing and upgrading five jetties in the South Fly region and the company’s general manager George Efstathiou was present at the official opening of one of the five jetties at Madire village in mid-October.

“Thank you OTDF for giving the opportunity to Nawae to partner in the construction of Madire jetty and not only as you probably aware it’s the sixth jetty that was built in the Fly River region and we were proud and happy to be the construction company to carry out the projects,” Mr Efstathiou said.

“Take advantage of the infrastructure you have been provided with and make the most of it for the improvement of quality of life at Madire,” Mr Efstathiou told the Madire people.

“Thank you also to the community in each respective location for their assistance in supporting my crew during the construction period, without your support nothing would have been achieved.”

“All the jetties were built successfully; there was no conflict between any of my crew members and the local communities,” Mr Efstathiou said

Mr Efstathiou told the Madire people that the importance of the jetty was to bring development to the Dudi Trust region.

“Ships will now be able to bring in supplies and this will enable you to export your agriculture and marine products to major towns.”

“No one knows the importance of these jetties, we built them in probably some of the most remote places in the country,” Mr Efstathiou said.

It took Nawae Construction nine months to complete the five jetties at a total cost of K14.9 million kina through OTML’s Tax Credit Scheme.