ADVENTUROUS Yarawali Haiwanga escaped a society of sorcerers to the unknown land beyond as a young man.

Author: Steven Edmund Winduo
Publisher: University of Papua New Guinea Press
ISBN: 978-9980992062. RRP: A$17.99

He became a shepherd boy at the Catholic mission station in Madang. Yarawali accompanied the first missionaries into the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, which was discovered three years earlier.

After serving three years with the mission he was discharged to make a life for himself in the circular world.

He turned to Asapang, his girlfriend from the village next to the mission headquarters. Their friendship led to the birth of Mauri and the suicide of Asapang’s father.

Tension and unease entered their lives, forcing Yarawali to leave again to join the native police force.

In the Great Hagen-Sepik Patrol led by Australians, Jim Taylor and John Black, he served as a policeman before World War II arrived in Papua New Guinea.

The lives of the main characters are twirled up in the currents of history. Modern history and fiction are weaved together based on the memory of the author’s grandfather’s life.

It is a story of adventure, love, courage, bravery, boldness, and anxieties of the time. The story is also about the modern changes in the land of a thousand tribes, and a love letter to Papua New Guinea.