KONGSBERG Oil & Gas Technologies’ (KOGT) commitment to providing greater detail and accuracy in multiphase simulation has been realised with the release of a new transient multiphase simulator for wells and pipelines.

Dubbed the LedaFlow 1.4, KOGT said it contains additions and improvements that enable flow assurance engineers to operate faster and more efficiently.

With LedaFlow 1.4, speed increases of up to four times can be seen in network cases using multi-central processing unit capabilities, creating a more productive tool for all engineering challenges.

KOGT, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, said LedaFlow had been had been enhanced with a number of new features to improve operating procedures.

Release 1.4 includes the ability to plot hydrate margins which helps to mitigate potential loss of production. Additional features include user-defined closure laws defining the relationships for friction and entrainment and the ability for trend loggers to efficiently record high data frequency at selected locations.

LedaFlow 1.4 integrates Multif lashTM, a multi-phase equilibrium calculation package, which forms part of the Petro-SIMTM process simulator suite. It can be used as an alternative to the in-built Grand Unified Thermodynamic Simulator (GUTS) for composition tracking, point f lashes and PVT table creation

LeadaFlow KOGT product manager Alick Jamieson said it was more crucial than ever to provide a tool which gathered information quickly as flow-line risks in challenging production regimes continued to increase.

“KOGT remains convinced that providing a tool allowing flow assurance engineers to gather as much accurate information as quickly as possible creates substantial added value and helps mitigate risk,” he said.