CANADA’S K92 Mining Inc. (K92) continues to ramp up production at the Irumfimpa Mine and has announced a number significant developments in its Papua New Guinea mining and exploration campaign.

The company has reported that it is about to commence exploration drilling from underground set-ups to follow up on the recent Kora extension discovery hole, is preparing to mine and test a 2,000 tonne bulk sample from Kora and continues regional exploration on the Pomasi Project.

At Irumafimpa K92 says it is now mining from production stopes where higher gold and copper grades are anticipated along with the development areas where it has previously been active.

Long hole stope production has commenced from the newly developed 1235mRL to 1250mRL stope area. K92 said it is anticipated that the commencement of this new stope production, combined with ongoing production from development and remnant stopes will allow commercial production to be achieved in September.

Additionally, extraction of material from planned stopes 1205S, 1220S and 1235S is expected to commence in the coming quarter.

K92 also announced that it has enhanced the design of the Kora Exploration Drive following the recent high grade discovery of the Kora Deposit extension.
The company said modification will allow for the development of drill cuddies approximately 100 metres closer to the interpreted position of the Kora Vein System than previously planned.

Regional Exploration

Exploration outside of ML 150 is currently focused on the Pomasi Project area adjacent to the Mining Lease (ML150) on EL 693 and EL 470 with work moving from Pomasi Area 1 to Pomasi Area 2.