By Andrew Hobbs

ENGINEERS and workers in a variety of trades are being sought for future projects in Papua New Guinea, along with an increasing number of executives and human resources professionals.

One of the first advertisers in PNG Resources was recruitment firm John Davidson & Associates, founded over 26 years ago.

Mr Davidson has moved on from the company after selling the firm to Applus+ Velosi – dedicating himself to a number of charitable works across PNG.

While the group was most recently known as JDA Wokman, company PNG country manager Terry Furphy told PNG Resources that the company was now moving to rebrand to Applus+ Wokman.

“Because the Wokman brand is still so strong in PNG we have elected to combine it with the Applus+ name to create a unique local branding within the Applus+ group worldwide,” Mr Furphy said.

While the demand for engineers, health, safety and environment professionals and trade workers within the logistics sector is likely to remain strong, people with skills in construction will also highly sought after, he said.

“This will of course be dependent on the nature of future development, but in any event is likely to include significant infrastructural investment as the country continues to develop its resources and potential.”

In any case, Mr Furphy said the company’s preference is for PNG citizens to fill the roles and only if that fails are expatriates sought.

“With the vast increase in training undertaken over the past couple of decades, local talent has definitely been tapped and seeking local skilled staff is certainly easier than previously, although in some disciplines good skilled tradespeople are still relatively hard to come by,” Mr Furphy said.

Moving forward, Applus+ Wokman had recently expanded the product offering in its Manpower sector, including the complete human resources function in contract labour hire, recruitment, migration work and payroll bureau.

“The new services we are promoting revolves around engineering services of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) inspections incorporating non destructive testing and asset integrity management,” Mr Furphy said.

Asset integrity management will include risk based inspection planning, inspection management services, in service inspections, plant life management and metallurgical services, he said.

“We are in the process of assembling a local team to be available to undertake this work to enable the business to be as self-sufficient as possible in this service offering in the future,” Mr Furphy added.

“The Applus+ Group sees good potential in the PNG market and are extremely supportive of Applus+ Wokman in its efforts to bring advanced services and technologies to PNG.”