Image courtesy of madNESS photography.

Image courtesy of madNESS photography.

CDM Smith, in partnership with Biotropica Australia, are working to develop an invasive species plan for the key Papua New Guinea assets of Australian oil producer – Oil Search.

The project is being spearheaded by CDM Smith senior fauna ecologist Brett Taylor and Biotropica Australia principal environmental scientist Nigel Tucker.

Mr Tucker has nearly 30 years of invasive species management experience across the tropics, a decade of which was in PNG, while Mr Taylor’s knowledge of tropical vertebrate and invertebrate pest fauna is similarly significant, extending from northern Queensland through to Indonesia.

The specialist experts have completed extensive on-ground surveys in some of PNG’s most remote terrain to identify pest plants and animals. This involved working in Nothofagus environments above 1,500 metres through to the lowland swamps of the Kikori Delta.

Together, they are assisting Oil Search as the company strives for continuous improvement in environmental sustainability in PNG’s sensitive tropical environments. The data collected by the pair, enhanced by the extensive in-house datasets and collective team knowledge within CDM Smith and Biotropica Australia, is now being used to develop plans for action, awareness and monitoring.

With significant experience on large and complex infrastructure projects, CDM Smith and Biotropica Australia’s ability to work productively has consistently demonstrated a commitment to product delivery that is timely, effective and of the highest quality. Together, CDM Smith and Biotropica Australia have an unparalleled background in all aspects of environment and engineering and an ability to deliver solutions in the most challenging locations.

“The two firms look forward to working with other resource companies in PNG and south-east Asia, to deliver truly integrated environmental and engineering solutions.”

CDM Smith and Biotropica Australia offer clients a highly specialised range of tropical environmental management skills in locations across northern Australia, PNG and South-east Asia.

CDM Smith provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide. Biotropica Australia is an ecological consultancy specialising in tropical ecosystem management based in Far North Queensland.