Author: Trish Nicholson
Publisher: Matador Publishing.
ISBN: 78-1784624422

WITH a background in anthropology and a successful management career in Europe, Trish Nicholson made a move in the late 1980s to fulfil a childhood dream of travelling and working overseas.

Her chance to live out this dream came when she was invited to work on a development project in West Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, with World Bank funding.

“Of all the countries I might have chosen in which to participate in rural development, this was probably the ultimate test, yet at the time, it seemed the most natural step to take,” she said.

In extreme tropical conditions, with few only sometimes-passable roads, travel was by balus – an alarmingly tiny plane, landing on airstrips cut with grass knives and squeezed between mountains.

Physically tested by dense jungle and swaying vine bridges, Trish’s patience was stretched to the limit.

Whilst coping with crocodiles under the blackboard and sorcery in the office, she survived near-fatal malaria and mollified irascible politicians and an ever-changing roster of bosses. She also served as an Honorary Consul for the British High Commission during this time.

Assignments in isolated outstations provided surreal moments, while adventures on nearby Pacific islands relieved the intensity of life in a close-knit community of nationals and a cosmopolitan mix of expat characters.

“While it is pointless to generalise about a country where lives are in constant flux and the culture of one village can be significantly different to the next one over the ridge, it is uncanny how humour and basic human truths emerge from the most unlikely situations,” Dr Nicholson said.

Inside the Crocodile is her emotionally engaging memoir, full of humour, adventure, determination and Frisbee the dog, who she inherited along the way. It is beautifully illustrated with colour photos of Trish’s time there.

The book is to be published on 28 October 2015, but is available an eBook now through Amazon, iBooks, nook and Google Play.