CAMP management and catering services company NCS offers equal opportunities to both genders, but more could be done to support female talent within the company, a study NCS commissioned has found.

NCS engaged the International Finance Corporation (IFC), to undertake a gender diagnostic to identify gender gaps in the company in September 2014.

Gender diagnostic studies aim to analyse potential causes of gender gaps and communicate key findings to the company.

With regards to hiring and promotion, the IFC’s report noted that while NCS currently has a low representation of women in upper management, the company has a strong pipeline of talented female workers, and a high percentage of women identified in the top talent pool.

Women are more likely to be promoted from within the company at all levels except top management, men are more likely to be externally hired into senior positions, the report said.

Promotion and recruitment data as a whole demonstrate NCS’ strong commitment to ‘building’ talent rather than ‘buying it’, according to the IFC report.

Results of staff surveys indicate that most employees consider NCS to be an equal opportunity employer and over three-quarters of both men and women agree that people of either sex are given the same opportunities to be hired.

The IFC’s report noted that NCS staff, while appreciating the training opportunities offered, have called for more training opportunities and even more focus on building and promoting talent from within.

Overall, IFC findings reveal that more formal hiring and promotion policies could support a greater leveraging of women talent, NCS said in a recent company newsletter.

NCS management said it is committed to doing more to accelerate progress towards gender equality.

NCS will review and enhance its policies and practices relating to recruitment, localisation and succession planning, and strive to hire more women for non-traditional roles.