FRONTIER Resources Limited has announced that the Warden’s Court Hearing for exploration licences EL-1595 (Bulago) and EL-2356 (Muller Range) in the Southern Highlands Province was very successful.

The Warden’s Court Hearings to consult with landowners are part of the normal tenement renewal process which will now proceed to the Mining Advisory Council for their recommendation to the Minister for Mining.

Frontier said informal discussions with landowner groups were initially held in the town of Kiunga. The following day, three representative landowners, the Mining Warden and two Frontier Resources representatives were flown from Kiunga to the Yambo airstrip to conduct the Wardens hearing for EL-1595 Bulago.

The landowners presented their views and any outstanding compensation claims and all were in favour for the renewal of the tenement and commencement of further exploration activities.

The Warden’s hearing group then flew to Tobi village to complete the hearing for EL-2356 Muller Range. Tobi village is the closest settlement (8km downstream) from the Tinga Valley prospect, where Frontier conducted a reconnaissance rock sampling program announced in March 2017.

According to Frontier, landowners from Tobi village were all in favour of granting the renewal of EL-2356 and requested they be consulted to help assist in further exploration activities once the tenement is renewed.

Frontier stated that the MRA mining warden was pleased with the conduct of the landowner meetings and had no unfavourable issues to report.